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SCD - Week 5

Saturday evening saw Anastacia and Gorka perform the Quickstep, scoring Anastacias best marks yet: 7-7-8-8.

The couple showed a light and entertaining Quickstep to Frank Sinatras "My kind of town", which got honored as "Anastacias best dance so far" by the judges. 

Even Craig described their routine positively as he said: "I thought you performed it absolutely brilliantly."

For those who missed the news: Gorka stepped in for Brendan who had to withdraw from that nights show due to a chest infection. Anastacia has been rehearsing all week with her step-in partner Gorka. 

Long story short, the brilliant Quickstep convinced the judges AND the viewers: Anastacia is good to go into halloween-week 6!


Watch Anastacias QUICKSTEP to "My kind of town" HERE

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