Fake Merchandise

Exclusive Gallery

The "Ultimate Collection Tour 2017" kicked off on Saturday, in truly Sprock style - with a sold out show 500 meters underground in Merkers Mine, the deepest concert hall in the world. See exclusive pictures of the show right here.Anastacia is back on the road for throughout this year...

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Fake Merchandise

Fake Merchandise

We are aware that some websites are selling fake plaques and merchandise like the below. My heart felt so heavy knowing fans may have purchased these believing they were legitimate. Please be aware that unless I personally endorse a product that I inform you about through my website...

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Anastacia VIP Experience

This year, create a memory that will last a lifetime with an official Anastacia VIP Upgrade! Throughout the Ultimate Collection Tour 2017, we will be running VIP Experiences, giving you the chance to meet Anastacia ahead of an Ultimate Collection Tour show...

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New Album

A 4 App - OUT NOW

A4App is the name of Anastacias new album. This album is a milestone, as it’s a really special one: the very first live Album! Get your live experience and order the album here as well as a bunch of exclusive merchandise and experience packages. Open here and head to Pledgemusic...

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SCD - Week 6

When good things come to an end: Anastacias journey on BBCs Strictly Come Dancing came to an end on Saturdays Halloween Special Show.The coupble’s bat-themed jive to Meat Loaf’s "Bat out of Hell"  has been kicking and yet, Anastacia and Brendan...

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SCD - Week 5

Saturday evening saw Anastacia and Gorka perform the Quickstep, scoring Anastacias best marks yet: 7-7-8-8. The couple showed a light and entertaining Quickstep to Frank Sinatras "My kind of town", which got honored as "Anastacias best dance so far" by the judges...

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New Album

Pre-order the new Album from Anastacia now on signed formats, alongside exclusive experiences and new merchandise. Anastacia wrote on Pledgemusic: Hi there, my new and old Pledge Fanily! I have a brand new record coming out at the end of November through PledgeMusic!

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SCD - Week 4

After Anastacias successful comeback and a week of motivated dance-training,  Anastacia and Brendan took to the Strictly stage once more this weekend. The couple showed an energetic and romantic Rumba to Barbara Streisands "The way we were". After scoring...

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SCD - Week 3

In case you missed the third Strictly Come Dancing live show: it has been a successful return for Anastacia and Brendan! Dancing the viennese waltz to "A thousand Years" by Christina Perri out of the movie "Twilight", Anastacia and Brendan showed a fairytale routine. The judges rewarded the dance with... 

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SCD - Week 2

Yesterday Anastacia visited the clinic of a specialist in breast reconstruction surgery. The doctor again confirmed that there was a tear in the scar tissue, which although painful is not permanent. She was given the all clear to dance this weekend with the caveat that the routine is carefully choreographed and...

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SCD - Week 1

For all who didn’t watch this weekend, the Strictly Come Dancing live shows have officially come under way! With an A-List line up of celebrities delving from the big screen to the world of sport, there is not an inch of talent wasted on this seasons show, including from the sensational superstar Anastacia.

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Anastacia x CRUK

The singer, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice announced she would be making a personal donation to Cancer Research UK during her time on the BBC competition.

She explained that she would like to give back as much as she can to help fund research into the disease.

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