Bag drama NO MORE! Now it's all about the music ;) #ResurrectionTour2014

Helllo Madrid!!!! Y'all ready to SPROCK?! Sho #4..... here I come!!! #ResurrectionTour2014

Bag Drama!!! But I made it to Madrid, yay! See you tomorrow x #ResurrectionTour2014

Anastacia - Staring At The Sun (Digital Dog Remix)

I knew from the moment I heard the remix of Staring at the Sun I needed to do a video. I am old school, lover of remixes as all of my old school fans know about me!!! A talented guy named Ricki Neil agreed to give this remix a visual life...I think he did an awesome job!!!

My throwback memories today include adding a new memory, hope ya'all enjoy it!!!

IT'S COMING! Stay tuned tomorrow at 12pm UK (1pm CET) to see the big secret revealed ;) ...